Traffic Citations

When you receive a citation, there will be an appearance date and time listed on the ticket.  You must appear in person or contact the Court by that date and time, to arrange payment for the citation or to contest the charges listed on the citation and set your case for trial.  If you fail to appear or fail to contact the Court, a bench warrant will be issued for your arrest for your failure to appear which will add a bench warrant fee to the amount of money due on the citation. 

When a citation states that you must appear in Court, rather than listing a fine or bail amount, it is a mandatory appearance on the date and time listed on the citation.  YOU MUST APPEAR PERSONALLY.

If you cannot afford to pay the entire amount listed on the citation, please contact the Court to arrange a payment plan.  Once a plan is established, if you default in your payments, a bench warrant may be issued.

If you wish to contest the citation, a date for trial will be scheduled.   At trial you will have the opportunity to present evidence and testify in your defence if you wish to do so.  If you wish to contest the citation and have a trial, the court requires you to pay the total amount for bail and fees listed on the citation before a trial will be scheduled.  This is to ensure your appearance at trial. If you are found not guilty at trial, the amount you have posted will be refunded.  If you are found guilty at trial, the amount you have posted will be forfeited toward payment of the citation.

For legal questions, contact an attorney.  The Court is prohibited by State Law from giving legal advice.

The Court accepts payments in the following forms: 

  • Money Order/Personal Check
  • Cashier’s Check
  • Credit or Debit Card – a convenience fee is charged
  • Cash, when paying in person – do not send cash through the mail 

On line payments can be made at OR Call 1-800-701-8560.  A processing fee is applied.

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