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Welcome.  We are glad that you have taken the opportunity to visit us online.  The West Wendover Courts are two separate courts, the Eastline Justice Court and the West Wendover Municipal Court.  Both courts are housed in one building and are operated under the same administration.  The Honorable Phillip C. Leamon is the Justice of the Peace for the Eastline Justice Court as well as the Appointed Judge for the West Wendover Municipal Court.

The Eastline Justice Court is a court of limited jurisdiction.  This means that the court only has authority over specific matters.  The Justice Court generally oversees criminal misdemeanor cases and traffic citations that occur within the Eastline Township.  Criminal charges or infractions that occur within city limits but do not fall under the City of West Wendover city code are filed with the Eastline Justice Court.  Some examples include: charges of domestic violence, drug related charges, charges related to driving privlidges, and charges related to vehicle registration.  Charges are either issued in the form of a citation or a formal criminal complaint that is filed by the Elko County District Attorney's Office.

The Eastline Justice Court also has jurisdiction over certain civil matters.  The civil matters that can be adjudicated with this court are: Small Claims, Formal Civil Filings under ten thousand dollars, Adult Temporary Protective Orders against Domestic Violence, Adult Stalking and Harrassment Protective Orders, and certain Landlord/Tenant matters.

The West Wendover Municipal Court is also a court of limited jurisdiction.  The Municipal Court handles all misdemeanor offenses and traffic violations that violate city code or Nevada law that has been adopted by the City of West Wendover.  The offense(s) must occur within city limits to be filed with the Municipal Court.  Charges are either issued in the form of a citation or a formal criminal complaint that is filed by the City Attorney.

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