72-Hour Hearings


Excluding non-judicial days, the judge sees arrestees who have been unable to post bail within 72 hours of arrest. NRS 171.178.

At a 72-Hour Hearing, the judge describes to the arrestee:
(a) whether s/he was arrested without a warrant, on a warrant, a parole/probation hold or any combination thereof;
(b) the date and time of his/her arrest and/or booking at the Elko County Jail;
(c) any right to bail and the amount thereof;
(d) his/her court or courts of appearance;
(e) the right to remain silent and to have an attorney present during any questioning; and
(f) the right to require that any criminal complaint against him/her be filed “forthwith,” commonly within seven to ten days after any arrest on a charge or charges without a warrant.


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