Trial of Goldilocks

The trial is a program that has been developed for grade students. This program allows the students to participate as jurors in a criminal trial, derived from the classic fairytale Goldilocks. Our goal is to provide an entertaining and instructive look at the American criminal justice system.

The students watch the videotaped trial and then divide into juries. They individually act as jurors to decide Goldilocks' guilt or innocence for the alleged crimes committed by her.

Using the evidence that has been presented to them throughout the trial, the jurors submit a verdict of guilty or not guilty.

The Program Objectives:

  •      Explain the function of criminal laws in American society 
  •      Define what makes an act criminal 
  •      Explain the purpose of a criminal trial 
  •      Identify the participants in a criminal trial and describe their roles 
  •      Explain the purpose of a trial by jury 
  •      Describe the role of a jury 
  •      Describe the kinds of punishments for people guilty of crimes 
  •      Explain how the criminal justice system may affect an individual


by Jessica Utter

"Former Judge Mike Memeo put Goldilocks on trial for breaking, entering and stealing from the three bears' home every year for kids. It is a great learning experience that I will never forget! When I was in 4th grade, two years ago, I experienced the Goldilocks trial. After watching a short film we had to decide if Goldilocks was guilty or not guilty of breaking, entering and stealing from the three bears' home. When we were all done deciding if Goldilocks was guilty or not, Judge Memeo picked me as Goldilocks! I had to put on a blonde wig, I am already blonde but that was okay. It was kind of itchy and had a red ribbon on top. I was asked some questions, although I did not lie, I was still proven guilty. My lesson was, don't do bad things, because like Goldilocks, you will get into trouble!"

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