Occasionally a citation is issued to a person for a criminal misdemeanor, rather than the person being arrested and booked into jail.  If your citation states that you must appear in Court, then you must appear personally on the date and time written on the citation. 

If you have been arrested and released for a misdemeanor violation, you must appear at the Court on the date and time given to you upon your release from jail.

If you live out of the area, it is advisable that you contact the Court prior to your appearance date to make sure the Court has received a formal complaint listing your charges.  If the Court has not received the formal complaint by the time you are scheduled to appear, your appearance date will be continued to a future date.  The Court sends notification if the appearance date is continued out.  However, the Court needs a correct and current address in order to contact someone.

 If you are unsure whether you need to appear, call 775-754-6321 to verify.

If you fail to appear as required, a bench warrant will issue for your arrest.

For legal questions, contact an attorney.  The Court is prohibited by State Law from giving legal advice.