Divided Family Workshop

Child custody proceedings and divorce rank among the most difficult for the parties to cope with. Parents find it necessary to adjust to a new reality when dealing with a divided family. The Divided Family Workshop is a Department 1 program designed to help parents with a game plan to develop a workable partnership for post-divorce parenting. The Divided Family Workshop is completed in one night, and the $20.00 fee allows the program to be self funding.


Topics covered include:

  • Guidelines for a successful partnership for post-divorce parenting.
  • Suggestions for joint custody/split custody time arrangements.
  • How to help the children through the process.
  • Common feelings experienced by children and how to cope with the children's behaviors.
  • The effects of divorce on children.

Parent's comments on the workshop:

"Presenter was great and I look forward to working with him in the future."

"I enjoyed it.  We laughed, we cried and had time for things to sink in.  Thank you sincerely, I think that this should be mandatory for all those 'parenting' children"

"Great class!"

"Wish I had heard of the class earlier.  Very informative."

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